Laurence Beaudoin Morin

The themes of collectivity, informal spaces and feminisms are recurring in my practice. My performances are indicative of a radical thought which raises pertinent reflections on the commune approach possible within the resistance point of view. I lean my reflection on framing imposed on all; the dominant requiring each individual to subject his/her body to maximize efficiency under the obsessive rationality requirements (production, consumption and orders).

I aim to use the platform that is art as a meeting place, a place of understanding of our humanity in an interconnection approach. The phenomenon of the gift creating an interdependence from which comes the gift-cons and the joint participation but also the post-performance sharing. Because in today’s society, the small scale experiments are a starting point for a broader political activity and it’s by linking these experiences that we will “deframe” ourselves(read: self define and emancipate).


Selected works


Les bannières, 2016
Photo : Ioanna Vanessa Bezman



Les bannières collectives, 2016
Photo : Anonyme



Le masque, 2016
Photo : Alexandra Laberge



La ceinture de grenades, 2016
Photo : Jonathan Roy