Drawing / Collage

May 24th – June 16th 2018

Opening – May 24th, 5:30 p.m.


About the artists

“ Images can fuse with our imagination, sentiments and individual beliefs, extracted from their initial context, they begin to tell brand new stories ” declares Bahar Taheri, whose work reinterprets spaces and time through drawing, painting and installation.

Her approach questions our relationship to political and religious power structures, reflected in architectures. She deconstructs structures and (re)invents them with a sensitive and poetic geometry of lines. She bends, readjusts buildings. These works are propositions, they put images at a distance, play with reflections, which disturb the eyes who comes to observe it.


Marie-Douce St-Jacques affirms: “ My life is a collage : I am a musician who studied literature and has a visual art practice ”. The artworks of the artist oscillate mainly between sound productions and visual pieces. Fascinated by the paper medium, she cuts, composes, connects, fixes, (re)prints, proposing a dialog between singular forms. She imagines labyrinths and produces artworks which se considers as puzzles. She juggles with lines, letters, flat color and designs and proposes paths which are opren to interpretations.





This exhibition is presented as part of  the program DémART-Mtl from the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Photo: Detail of Blue House by Bahar Taheri, , acrylic on paper, 2018.