The Team


General and artistic Director
Stéphanie Chabot

Administrative Coordinator
Catherine Goyette

Communications Coordinator
Ileana Hernandez

Reception of the public and assistance with events


Gallery Technician
Olivier Longpré

Photo Documentation
Guy L’Heureux

Video clips
Deborah VanSlet

Denis Lessard

Corina MacDonald

Graphic designer
Manon André

Board of Directors

Once a year, at the Annual General Meeting, Skol’s members elect a board of directors.                            The 2018-2019 board is composed of:

President: Andrée Sophie Cabot

Vice-President: Renata Azevedo Moreira

Treasurer: Joëlle Legault-Monty

Secretary: Kate Lecours

Administrator: Alma Salem

Administrator: Bahar Taheri