Membership committee



(Open to all members) 

6 members maximum 

The membership committee aims to establish a lasting bond between Skol and its members, and between the members themselves. Its mandate is to reflect on the place of Skol members among its activities, projects and committees, meaning, to offer them certain services while encouraging their involvement within the organization. The members’ committee therefore works to establish a movement of reciprocity that benefits everyone by setting up projects that emanate from the center itself and by supporting members’ initiatives, whether sporadic or long term.


  • Ensure the integration of new members into Skol
    • Meeting
    • Identify the different resource people
    • Raise awareness of the various committees and their current projects
    • Introduce to the historical procedures and orientations of the center
    • Encourage participation in the centre’s activities
  • Plan community activities for and by members
  • Support artists during their assembly at the Galerie passage des membres
    • Provide technical assistance