Arkadi Lavoie-Lachapelle



Raised in the countryside and actually living in Montreal, my work has been presented in a variety of contexts, including anonymous and clandestine situations, in Quebec as well as in various large and small cities in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and Russia. My artistic research is based on a few questions such as: if we scrub our dead skin, are we participating to the economic decreasing; did we know that one of the best sellers in the history, the Malleus Malificarum, was the book that explained how to torture the witches; do queer people have magic powers; is love a confidence made randomly; is it important to be ready before to go to sleep? Through poetic actions, ephemeral installations in public space, and gallery projects, I practice l’Art de la joie with mischief to oppose a resistance to situations related to the ideology of productivity. I am a board member of VIVA! Art action festival and an ardent collaborator of La journée sans culture 2015.


Selected work


Just Care, action the event «Actes de disparition // en réaction à la destruction d’Agora de Charles Daudelin», 2th August 2015, Montreal
Photo: Christian Bujold