Hugo Nadeau



Visual, action art and poetry artist, Hugo Nadeau has shown his projects in Canada, United-States, Brazil, England and China. His works follows a path in which a lot of permanent projects are initiated and maintained, mainly on the Web, serving a conceptual and symbolic view of art practice. Part of these permanent organisations are : H1N1 Conspiracy, Model Citizen Project, H. Nadeau Building for Poetry, HNL (Hugo Nadeau League) and C.A.C.H.E. (Hugo’s Hidden art center for Eternity). The artist is born in St-Zacharie, Chaudière-Appalaches and works in Montreal.


Selected works


Family First, Le Lobe, 2013.
photo Jean-Marc E. Roy
Family First, Le Péryscope, 2014.
photo Stéphanie Bourgeois
Nous_aurons_Montréal(Agence_TOPO, Montréal)-2015-Photo_José_Cortes
Nous aurons Montréal, Agence TOPO, Montréal, 2015.
Photo José Cortes
Album Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, Avatar, Québec, 2013.