Olivia McGuilchrist



Olivia McGilchrist is a Jamaican-French visual artist who’s alter-ego Whitey explores physical expressions of emotional states in the search for cultural identity.

She troubles her post-colonial white Creole female identity by remapping it within the tropical picturesque through photographs, performances and multi-screen video installations. Whitey‘s placement in the Jamaican physical and cultural landscape questions the role of racial, social and gender based categorization, classification and discrimination in the contemporary Caribbean space. Her work has been shown in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, Brazil, Canada, the U.S, the U.K, Germany and France.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica to a French mother and a Jamaican father, Olivia grew up in France and studied in England. In 2010 she completed her Master’s in Photography at the London College of Communications and, in 2011, she returned to Kingston to work as a Curator at the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) and a Lecturer in Photography and New Media at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

In 2014-15, she attended a Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Art & Design at Concordia University, to further her knowledge of networked and interactive new media practices. Currently working on several projects in Montréal and the Caribbean, she hopes to continue working out of both regions and foster meaningful partnerships between institutions and individuals in both spaces.



Selected works


01_omcgilchrist_Jonkonnu-Gens-Inconnus, (2015) 10min. video triptych in Oculus Rift installation_video still 001

Jonkonnu-Gens-Inconnus, 2015, 10min. video triptych in Oculus Rift installation Oculus Rift, video still


02_omcgilchrist_Jonkonnu-Gens Inconnus, Oculus Rift and wooden structure (2015)

Jonkonnu-Gens Inconnus, 2015, Oculus Rift and wooden structure


03_omcgilchrist_otherness (2014) 2 screen installation 3min20s, video still6

otherness, 2014, 2 screen installation, 3min20s, video still


04_omcgilchrist_whitey (discovery bay) (2014) 84in x 59in, archival print on canvas

Whitey (discovery bay), 2014, 84in x 59in, archival print on canvas


05_omcgilchrist_Ernestine and me, (2012) multi-media installation, video still 1

Ernestine and me, 2012, multi-media installation, video still