Vincent Bergeron

During and after his studies in written journalism, literature and cinema, in almost complete solitude, Vincent Bergeron focused on his sound fragments (90 compositions in 10 years) and on short written texts. Vincent always created for himself, without any desire to be part of anything, even according to the values he is thinking about within his life.

He now explores video editing and photography, to find the visual equivalent of his music; variations of sound patterns (from groups of instruments to others) combined with varying characters and spaces in all visual collages.

In music, all instruments are mechanical objects, but we got used to hear the sounds react, one way or another, through centuries of traditions (and replications of the same instruments; like in a factory loop).

In the music, visual art and the written poetry of Vincent, this mechanical process is still, on its own way, dominant within the composition. Under the narrative side, it is broken. Links between the sounds, words and images are intended to create imaginary worlds. These worlds indirectly reach each others, from one media to another, always while suggesting new openings, characters and images (not always the same found in the written texts) and dynamics (the music is the most active part).

Collage visuel, Dance of Death, Circle of David Heschler of Ulm (17ème siècle) combiné en double, sur une photographie numérique d`un téléviseur numérique capté dans un miroir (image captée tirée du film Bal (2010) de Semih Kaplanoglu), six photographies numériques de couchés de soleil sont combinées (Vincent Bergeron, 2014), une photographie de tunnel éclairé (2013), format original de définition HD 4608×3456, juillet 2014 

Sérigraphie de Vincent Bergeron, 2014