Kevin Nichka-Boire

Biography and Statement

Kevin Nichka-Boire is an autodidact and committed artist living and working in Chambly, Québec.

Through his artistic practice, Kevin aims to express his sensitivity in the face of injustices. His experience as a frontline social worker had a profound impact on him. As a result, Kevin was occasionally appalled by the challenges people encounter that can have severe repercussions for those who are marginalized and vulnerable. Therefore, he wishes to engage in dialogues on issues such as racism, poverty, mental health, and climate change consequences.

For many years, Kevin has integrated into various community projects his artistic expression and the defence of social rights along with young adults living in social exclusion and with people having mental health issues.

His work constantly researches the duality between a susceptible truth with many interpretations and the representation of the materiality manifesting social injustices.

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Selected works

Title: Inuksuk
Year: 2019
Medium: Oil on canvas
Format: 48″/36″

Title: La Terre
Year: 2022
Medium: Oil on canvas
Format: 72″/48″

Title: Plus jamais
Year: 2022
Medium: Oil on canvas
Format: 24″/24″