Laurence Beaudoin Morin

Laurence Beaudoin Morin is interested in the amplitude of a gesture in the physical space and in its memory ( seizable by the complicit gaze). Her gestures, among those of others, slip into the hollow of urban cracks and reveal an approach of interconnections and solidarity sharings, thus valuing the particular attention to the processual subjectivation of the present group.

Laurence’s approach is a series of events aimed at initiating a reflection on the practice of gathering, highlighting the complexity of building political spaces. She develops an artistic practice centered on the collective, aiming to create circumstances conducive to encounters and performance learning based on the auto-workshops project.

Auto-workshops are one-off meetings for artists and the uninitiated to explore the social possibilities of vacant lots. And where experimentation with the medium of art action is a tactic for being together.



Selected works