Marie-Laurence Blouin

Marie-Laurence is a contractual textile assistant designer artist, amongst other, she worked as first hand  on Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana. She completed her studies at CRDITM than her bachelors degree in Fibres at the University of Concordia where she’s been honored by SDA magazine for the excellence in her technique and her generosity in charing her knowledge with peers.

She’s both interested in dresssing and covering people as to explore their microcosm. She also uses her art with kids with autism as a way to connect and learn together. The bas of her esthetic is Arte Povera and the punk movement in wich she evolved. Her work presents itself in different layers: visual, textile, emotional, social. She somewhat often stops to appreciate the nature, her one and only love.


Selected works


À ma mère (To my mother)

Installation detail, sculpture, drawing and multimedia, 10′ x 10′. Espace Fibres. 2012

Photo: Marie-Laurence Blouin


Essais sur la déconstruction de la technique (Tries on the demolition of the technique)

Lithography on cotton weaved paper, 5″ x 5″, 2011

Photo: Marie-Laurence Blouin


Le cocon (The cocoon)

Extract from a project multi-facets, fabric row (rank) and fibers, 14″ x 5 “, 2017-2018

Photo: Marie-Laurence Blouin


Par terre (On the floor)

Extract from a project multi-facets, fabric row (rank) and drawing, 22″ x 30″, 2017-2018

Photo: Marie-Laurence Blouin