Jacqueline van de Geer



Born in the Netherlands and immigrated in 2005 to Canada, Jacqueline van de Geer masters both a degree in Visual and Performance Arts. Her city of birth is Rotterdam, a scarred place that was bombed twice by accident in WW2. Growing up in a city that was always under reconstruction taught her a ‘do a lot with almost nothing’-approach to her practice.

Jacqueline loves to create a space in which the participants are invited to open up to a collective experience, to share, to exchange, to be touched and to feel free to speak out. Her goal is to transform the distance between Artist and Spectator into an encounter where the distance will be finally resolved entirely. Intimacy and re- connection are the key words in her work.

Now she works in Europe and Canada as a performer and theatrical DJ. Since she installed herself in Montreal, Jacqueline has started to write short plays and she creates solo works that are bilingual, non linear and somewhat dada-inspired.



Selected works

skol 2015 rose de L
Pré-VIVA! residency at Skol, Sainte Rose de Lima
Photo Lynne Corriveau
La guerre en moi 3

La guerre en moi
Photo Kimura Byol

Pae Kort
Photo Koos Siep
edgy 2015

Edgy Redux
photo Valérie Sanguin