Marcio Lana-Lopez: The Big Swing (FPP#3)


19 mai – 17 juin, 2006
Rencontre avec l’artiste le samedi 10 juin à 15h

Description du projet

Marcio Lana-Lopez présente une installation dont l’élément principal « échafaude » l’ambivalence entre la jouissance et le châtiment. Cette construction incarne aussi la dissuasion, la revanche, les comportements extrêmes, les méfaits, les journaux à potins, l’adrénaline et les promesses divines : tactiques de guerre asymétriques opposées aux représailles disproportionnées, le jeu de la bêtise humaine dans sa manifestation la plus extrême, exemplifié par le guide de procédures pour technicien bourreau présenté ci-dessous. Alors jouons le jeu avec abandon en attendant notre destruction mutuelle assurée! Toutefois, il est important de suivre cette procédure en respectant ces règles de sécurité :

« Up until very recently Execution was an Art employed only by the « Executioner ». It is only now becoming a Science with the Training and Certification of other types of Execution Technicians. Those persons carrying out the Protocol and Procedures in this Manual shall be Trained and Certified as Hanging Technicians.

Note: The following procedure should be completed by a Certified Hanging Technician.

1. Install the Noose Sleeve and, if using a Mechanical Hangman’s Knot, install the cover for the Knot.

2. Install the Body Restraint around the Executee’s waist and tightly bind his wrists to the restraint. (His arms may be restrained either in the front or the back.) If necessary, utilize the Collapse Frame.

3. Bring the Executee to the Execution location and up the stairs to the scaffold. Remove the Collapse Frame, if utilized.

4. Place Executee on the trap door and conduct the legal formalities.

5. Bind the Executee’s legs with the Leg Restraint. Place the Hood over the Executee’s head, if used. Place the Hangman’s Noose over the Executee’s head and tighten snugly around his neck. Place the Hangman’s Knot directly behind the Executee’s left ear.

6. All Hanging Technicians shall leave the scaffold and the Executioner, on order from the Warden, shall release the trap door.

7. The Trap door shall open and the Executee shall drop. On order from the Warden some eight minutes after the release mechanism was thrown, the attending doctor shall examine the Executee for heart death.

8. After the pronouncement of death, the Hanging Technicians shall, while supporting the Executee, loosen and remove the Noose and Hood and set the Executee on the floor. Thereupon, the Hanging Technicians shall remove the Leg and Body Restraints. The Executee shall be placed in a body bag for removal.

Thanks Delaware. My last wish : I would like to have one of these swelling minstrels on the ladder of the gallows, playing « Love is a many splendored thing » at my hanged, drawn and quartered bagpipe. »