Experimental reading group guided by Bernard Schütze

Public presentation: Friday November 1, at 6pm
Librairie Gallimard de Montréal (3700 Boul. Saint-Laurent)

This month, a group is meeting regularly for a reading activity proposed by the critic and art theoretician Bernard Schütze. The discussions are guided by a precise subject and specific textual matter: thinking, feeling and activating affect according to Spinoza.

Each session is divided in three parts: reading, discussion/analyses, and practice through intervention activities and presentations proposed by the group of participants.

The public is invited to assist to the last meeting of the group, which will take place at Librairie Gallimard de Montréal.

The group : Édith Brunette, François Lemieux, Maryse Morin, Pedro Soler, Charles Guilbert, Serge Murphy, Alain Pelletier, Sebastien Cliché, Audrey Brouxel, Marie Brassard, Bernard Schütze.

The constitution of the group is inspired by l’école erratique, a method developed by the French artist François Deck, which consists of regrouping people around a problem proposed by participants to generate discussions and exchanges without a fixed finality. One person invites two other persons, that each invites another, which favors some proximity while guarantying heterogeneity within the group.