SKOOL 2018 – le Rendez-vous: a diological research project


Summer Internship Research Program

June 19th — July 27th, 2017

Joséphine Rivard & Anne-Célia Waddell

By transforming Skol into an exploration and learning venue, the program SKOOL provides resources for two students, who will be able to experiment with different forms of organization and programming, with the support of the centre’s team. For 6 weeks, in a studio context, they will develop a research project, taking charge of the communications and events. This summer, the artists Joséphine Rivard & Anne-Célia Waddell have been selected to work on their project le Rendez-vous: a diological research project.


SKOOL 2018, le Rendez-vous : a diological research project.

Initiated in 2017 through theoretical reflections, le Rendez-vous takes advantage of the context offered by the SKOOL program to pursue it’s research project in the most inclusive way possible. Revolving around the broad theme of discomfort, our project focuses on issues emanating from living arts while including sensorial and phenomenological experiences in an exhibition or presentation context. The idea of le Rendez-Vous is to explore the sensorial, relational and social potential of discomfort.
As Jacques Pezeu-Massabuau wrote: “[…] in the end, the most salutary function of discomfort, whatever it’s guise, is to invite us on a quest for exaltation, to inspire action” (A philosophy of Discomfort, 2004). Inspired by his comments, we want to orchestrate a series of informal discussions alongside various actors of Montreal’s cultural community. Each week of our residency will be punctuated by conversations revolving around a thematic deriving from the subject of discomfort allowing us, ultimately, to present an overview of our research while opening the conversation to the general public.
The multiplicity of spaces occupied by our project, both physical and digital, allows us to encourage public participation and the transmission of lived experiences, while ensuring the transparency of our research process.


Throughout our residency we invite you to collaborate to our research by sharing your experiences of discomfort as well as your relationship with it whatever it may be.

Our research site is opened on rendez-vous. Schedule an appointment with us to visite the site or message us to collaborate at

All the discussions and more detailed information will be announced  regularly on the SKOOL facebook page.



To listen to le Rendez-vous discussions click here


Research presentation – July 19th, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Public discussion 6:30 pm




Photos : Mariane Stratis and Anne-Célia Waddell.