A program of eight workshops with artist Valerian Mazataud (photographer)

October 15th– December 3rd, 2020

Skol / Innovation Youth collaboration

Skol is proud to collaborate with Innovation Youth, an organization whose mandate is to offer a community space for youth and families living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up the possibilities of integration into academic, family, and social life.

Skol participates to this mandate by presenting art workshops, given by a Skol member and based on the artist’s process.

Workshop description

With artist and journalist Valerian Mazataud, the fifteen young participants create photomontages based on pictures of their neighbourhood. Guided and supported by the artist, they make props and decor, take their own pictures and find photos in magazines or on the Internet. This material is then cut, pasted and assembled, both digitally and manually, in order to create surprising and uncommon images.

Through this process, the participants are encouraged to work in groups, to share ideas, and to take position in regard to their living environment, while discovering a rich and fun visual language.

The workshop program also involves a visit at Skol, and an exhibition of their work at Innovation Youth.

Name of young participants

King Kong Project (black):
– Aimee
– Zachary
– Wilmark

Square Cabot project (yellow):
– Katya
– Sara
– Nancy

Construction project (orange):
– Jade
– Rayden
– Jamal

Housing project (red):
– Kyrie (Davanni)

University project (blue):
– Alex
– Kedar