A workshop with Caroline Boileau, in partnership with the Neighborhood on the Move Festival, organized by Innovation Jeunes.

During the festival period, from July 4 to 23, 2016.

Skol / Innovation Youth collaboration

Skol is proud to collaborate with Innovation Youth, an organization whose mandate is to offer a community space for youth and families living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up the possibilities of integration into academic, family, and social life.

Skol participates to this mandate by presenting art workshops, given by a Skol member and based on the artist’s process.

Workshop description

Creation of a collaborative zine based on walkabouts (strolls) in the neighborhood

Participants explored the neighborhood either alone or in small groups, depending on the approach decided on by the artist. Through a series of walkabouts, participants reflected on public space, on what we see and what we choose not to see, on how we imagine the future of our neighborhoods, etc.

Back at the work table, participants were asked to transform materials collected during the walkabouts (photos, notes, sketches, detritus) through drawing and collage, with the goal of creating a collectively-made zine.

The pages created by the participants were exhibited throughout the three days of the workshop, while the zine itself was assembled over the third day.

Each participant kept a few copies of the zine.