September 14th — December 16th, 2023

The photographs in this exhibition were taken in my studio or come from my outdoor photographic archives that I print and let accumulate on my worktable. They are a few examples of what intrigues me and continuously bring me back to the original experience inherent in photography, “beyond language,” on the verge of having nothing more to say. They express what obsesses in photography, paradoxically relating to the experience of reality, a world that is autonomous, enduring, and sheltered from meaning. They also reflect, repetitively and redundantly, certain moments in history when photography emerges as a unique quest specific to art, encompassing all mediums.

— Denis Rioux

Denis Rioux is interested in the photographic as a distinct form of apprehension and representation, as well as the nature of the experience it brings forth. In his practice, photography serves as a means to contemplate space, visibility, and materiality, rooted in a descriptive art form. His works capture a unique experience of grasping light and the appearance of things, as well as the particular and autonomous manner in which they stand or exist. They should be considered as both fragile and aporetic expressions of the subtlety of things and the concreteness in the experience of the visible.

Denis Rioux‘s artistic journey spans over twenty years and primarily revolves around the photographic experience and its conditions of existence. His works have been featured in several exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, and around the world. He holds a doctorate in Arts Studies and Practice from the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM, 2018) and resides and works in Montréal.


Image : Glass, photography, photo credit: Denis Rioux