Hélène Lord: L’arbre à la fenêtre

Series of drawings

November 10 – December 17, 2016

A multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal, Hélène Lord holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from UQAM. Her work was shown in several cities within Quebec, Canada, and recently in Brazil. She made several artist residencies including the Banff Centre in Alberta, at Belém in Brazil and at Studio du Québec in London in 2012.

Her Installations bring together multiple elements. Drawings, photographs and sculptures made from recycled objects are arranged together to evoke familiar realities on the edge of imaginary worlds.

In front of the house, a tall native Poplar planted its roots where it grows vertically, spreading its monumental splendor over my studio’s window. I drew this tree as it appears at my window from my macroscopic view of its majestic bole.”  – Hélène Lord

Photo: Michel Dubreuil and Guy L’Heureux