Laetitia de Coninck: Chroniques de la disparition


January 10 – February 16, 2019.


Description du projet

With Chroniques de la disparition, Laetitia de Coninck revisits a series of images created several years ago, and recently rediscovered. Pursuing her reflections on fragility, she investigates ideas of disappearance: disappearance of the self, disappearance within the image, disappearance of the image. Fascinated by the way analogue film unravels reality, she makes visible that which is hidden, exploring halfway territories and in-between places, bringing to light images depicting supernatural, wondrous and ever-shifting forms.

Like a secret, disappearance is always moving. It contains a becoming, and “as with all living processes, this becoming is a chrysalis that through its own temporality brings something of the other into the heart of sameness”.(A. Dufourmantelle)




Born in Montréal in 1972, Laetitia de Coninck began her photographic practice at the age of 17. An artist of intimacy, her research is rooted in a fundamental opposition, a tension between self and world. Withdrawal/engagement, stillness/movement, absence/presence, appearance/disappearance — questions that she never ceases to explore.

Since 2015, she has reflected on fragility as a necessary condition for existence, and, more broadly, on the connections between photography and living beings, on the inner positions inherent to the photographic act, and on the many combinations of identity that this act reveals.

While Laetitia de Coninck doesn’t abandon the idea of creating an artwork, she isn’t necessarily aiming for a concrete result or photographic print, nor does she try to understand the moment the image was captured. Rather, she attempts to know from where the photo was taken, and to what extent this photographic act stems from an inner position. What do images reveal? That which is already there.

Member of L’Imprimerie artist-run centre and Groupe de recherche sur la pratique, led by Caroline Boileau, Laetitia de Coninck presented her first solo exhibition, Melymbrosia, at Espace Projet in May 2017.