Manon André : Le souffle

Photography, video

November 4th — December 11th, 2021

Project Description

Manon André’s exploratory research aims to influence our perception of space, time and memory, to modify, even imperceptibly, our understanding of reality. It is in places where nature and urbanity coexist that her reflection draws its source; how can one make urbanity more human? How can it be experienced poetically?

In her video, Le Souffle, the fixed frame of the camera and the sound work reveal a world that is set in motion all around. The videographic experimentation gives way to an emerging dreamlike world.


After her bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in philosophy at UQAM, Manon André obtained her graduate degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (ARBA-ESA) in visual communication of graphic design and of the image. In Montréal she established herself as a freelance graphic designer and continued her photographic and videographic exploration. She participated in several workshops and courses in different centres such as Main Film, Centre Skol, Agence Topo, and at the University de Montréal. The theme of claustrophobia in urban space and the anxiety-provoking state it causes are at the core of her research and experimentation.