Noémi McComber: Reconfigurations: Variations On a Flag


January 12th – February 25th, 2017

Noémi McComber holds a Master’s degree in visual and media arts from Chelsea College of Art (University of the Arts, London, UK) and is currently completing the études et pratiques des arts Doctorate program at UQAM. Since 2000, she has been pursuing various artistic projects as an artist and curator, adopting a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach.

 Noémi McComber is interested in the concept of the other and otherness, in encounter and displacement. She is particularly interested in Quebecois folklore, as a source of identity in which she draws out material to be re-examined, reconstructed and reformulated. In Reconfigurations: Variations On a Flag, her colorful banners evoke the visual motifs of the Quebec flag, by altering its symbolic forms and colors towards new meanings.

The flags will be deployed during a performative action in the Belgo building during the Nuit blanche, March 4th, 2017.


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Photo: Guy L’Heureux, Reconfigurations: Variations On a Flag presented at Skol

Emmanuelle Duret, Reconfigurations: The Flags Procession in Quebec City, presented by Le Lieu and the RAIQ, 2015.