Aimes-tu les films d’Anne-Marie Korine? : Isabelle Guimond and Carolyne Scenna

zine (edition of 50 copies) sent by mail during the lockdown

As part of the exhibition Phénomène du dortoir by Isabelle Guimond & Carolyne Scenna

February 2nd, 2021

Publication (edition of 50 copies)

Projet Description

Phénomène du dortoir (Dormitory Phenomenon) continues its course during the lockdown. Over the next two weeks, Isabelle Guimond and Carolyne Scenna will use the hours of the day to collect their finest supplies to handcraft a unique, limited-edition publication entitled Aime-tu les films d’Anne-Marie Korine ?.

Phénomène du dortoir (Dormitory phenomenon) is the charming name given to the natural synchronisation of women’s menstruations. Not without humour, this term represents, for the two artists, what should be the ideal collaboration, one that influences cycles, moods, and work methods. At Skol, the gallery becomes a performative space, unfolding as an installation comprised of drawing, painting, sculpture, video and sound.


Photo Credit: Guy L’heureux