Ann Hirsch: Scandalishious

Video installation

April 16 – May 22, 2010
Opening on Saturday April 17, 3pm-5pm
Conversation with artists Ian Wojtowicz and Ann Hirsch, curated by Felicity Tayler, at 2pm

Project Description

An immersive video installation representing various aspects of a performance published on the YouTube video-sharing site, in which the artist plays a young student named Caroline—aka Scandalishious. Beyond the performative, the installation explores the construction of gender along with the mediatization of human relationships through systems that rely on their users’ insecurities and fantasies. The process, which has the effect of blurring the identities of the artist and her character, leads Hirsch to the following conclusion: I AM WATCHED THEREFORE I AM. This exhibition is presented in a text by Felicity Tayler.


1. “She’s an artist who has uncovered structures so pervasive and profound that no one is innocent in her work—not her characters, not her viewers, not even herself. She even performs her own artistic identity and her relationships with the people to seek to support her…Some people think she’s sacrificed her body for professional success. I personally see her success as a triumph, an instance where the art world has broken past its prejudices.”[1]

[1] Fraser, Andrea. Official Welcome performance, 2001.


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