Catherine Bolduc: Solipsisme


February 19 – March 20, 2004

Project Description

The work of Catherine Bolduc is inspired by fantastic stories, by the entertainment and tourist industries that constantly encourage us to project ourselves into a better world. She deals with their appealing promises, promises that often prove to be illusory and false. Bolduc is drawn to paradox and inverted worlds. She builds structures of seemingly magnificent objects and then reveals how they suck us in, testifying to our disappointed hopes.

In her installation presented in Skol’s large gallery, Bolduc takes light as her main material, temporarily leaving aside the use of consumer merchandise and all its connotations.  Returning to the motif of accumulation, she builds houses of cards, using more geometric and minimal forms.  This nest of structures becomes a kind of screen, allowing variations of light to act directly on our perception. Her precarious playing-card constructions become fleeting silhouettes, echoing the happiness painted in glowing colours by a world of illusion.