November 21 – December 20, 2014

Project Description

Dong-Kyoon Nam’s artistic practice is founded on basic principles of formal structure, utility, repetition, and spatial experience in time. Using mundane, often overlooked manufactured product, his work is often site-specific and marked by architecture, while recurring linear and helical motifs imply continuity and endlessness.

Nam’s sculptural installations often explore our general sense of paranoia regarding a potential breakdown in the glut of mass-produced items around us by juxtaposing, stacking, layering, and repeating objects to create assemblages of excess. For this exhibition, he relocates domestic elements from our interior environment on to the pedestal and into the frame, deliberately adopting the typical state of the gallery installation. Through this, Nam challenges and unsettles the notions of both the ‘idealized home’ and the ‘abstract’ gallery space, in an attempt to de-familiarize our customary gaze and behavioral patterns in both domestic interiors and public spaces.