Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe: Dancing in Paradise


January 12 – February 10, 2007
Opening on Friday January 12, 7pm + show at 8pm
Meet the artists on Saturday January 13 at 3pm

Project Description

“To all the fish who fled boredom and jumped out of the bowl.”
Camille de Toledo

Skol has teamed up with Centre Est-Nord-Est to present Dancing in Paradise, a bold new production by the French artist duo Sophie Dejode and Bertrand Lacombe. Dancing in Paradise is a more complete sequel of Singing in Paradise, organized in 2004 by Joyce Yahouda and shown on the 51/2 floor of the Belgo.

Assisted by composer Merlin Ettore and choreographer Andrew Tay, the artists reappropriate the spectacular medium of musical comedy, leaving troubles and woes behind to produce something beautiful, light, dreamy. Set within an installation/decor, the show will only be presented once, the night of the opening: a crack corps of rats perform a dance in the icy atmosphere of a giant fridge, an allegory representing a struggle against the refrigerate dreams of human beings anaesthetized by mass consumption and mass media. Subverting the ritual of art openings, the artists expose the art world’s tacit complicity with the very system it presumes to criticize.

In this new ramification of Floating Land — a nomad territory of encounter that evolves from one exhibition to the next, involving in their successive productions, an ever fluctuating community of participants — the “modern” work of art is replaced by a setting that invites spectators to complete the project, to imagine its sequel, transforming visitor inertia into action, cynicism into enchantment. The decor will remain in place for the duration of the exhibition, allowing spectators to invest the space and to extend the work in unforeseeable ways.

This interdisciplinary project is part of Skol’s 20th anniversary As If All Were Well  programming, which also celebrates artists’ capacity to act locally, in a truly self-run project.


Running for Time • January 25, 7:30pm

flyerConcert with
Merlin Ettore (batterie)
Dr. Draw (violon électronique)
Raphaël Ettore (DJ)

Performances and music • January 26, 7:30pm

flyerAn Evening of Mind Kontrol by David LaRivière (alias Mr. Kincaid)
Dirtier than What by Ryan Kurschke

Concerts • January 27, 7:30pm

flyerDa Oust Fiends and his choral
flyerpremière partie by Büdös Kurva Band

3 Solos • February 2, 7:30pm

Esther B. (disc-player)
Léon Lo (violin)
Benoit Rolland (electronics)

BloodShot Bill • February 8, 8pm

flyerRockabilly trash déjanté with special guest
Merlin Ettore (drums)

Show + Concert • February 9, 7:30pm

flyer Dancing in Paradise
Ultimate presentation of the original show! by
Dejode & Lacombe
Merlin Ettore (percussions)
Andrew Tay (choreography)

Percussive duo with Merlin Ettore & Joannie Labelle
Guest artist: Walter Rivera (danse)

Floating Band 02 and more • February 10, 7:30pm

Merlin Ettore
Patrick Dugas
Simon Brault
Pierre Labbé
Youri Raymond
Benoit Rolland

+ DJ Baguette
Late jam session