Errances: Hélène Lord

Artist’s Talk

Wednesday December 2, 2009 (in French)

Project Description

A presentation of work produced in the fall of 2008 as part of Échanges d’artistes et ateliers-résidences : Québec – Brésil.

“During the two-month-long residency, I closely watched the movements of daily life in Bélem, interested in the singularity of its community, in following its itineraries. Between here and there, between reality and fiction, I wanted to map the pathways of another existence. In a way, this project is linked with time, since it is concerned with drawing its passage, with the colour of the hours and days of my wanderings. I became interested in the power of the gaze: how its attention is captured,  how it is touched. Between the observing eye and the filter of memory there appears, Sontag tells us, the memory of images of that which lies outside us1. Drawing became the tool for investigating this passage of time and its otherness.”

1Susan Sontag, Temps forts, Éd. Christian Bourgois.