Frédéric Lavoie: La Dynamo


February 24 – March 25, 2006
Artist’s talk Saturday March 11 at 3pm

Project Description

Montreal artist Frédéric Lavoie constructs audio and visual narratives that broach relationships of coexistence within living spaces. La Dynamo, an installation that comprises video projections, a speaker system, headlight panels, and photographic images, presents the results of a lab study on sleep. In this video, the artist is concerned with the physical movement of the sleepers sharing the image space: they brush shoulders, avoid one another, and mingle in an assemblage that underscores the peculiarities and similarities in each participant’s behaviour. The articulation of the sleepers’ movements, the rumble of traffic, and the lighting panels cause permutations that foil perceptual and narrative expectations before the constructed but quite plausible reality of a restless night.

Saturday, February 25, you are invited to attend this display troubled sleep. For the Nuit Blanche event in Montreal, La Dynamo will be open to night-time visitors until five in the morning. The artist will be present to meet with viewers between 3 and 5 am.

The soundtrack in La Dynamo is produced in collaboration with Éric Desmarais.