Guillaume LaBrie: Oh! Comme elles etaient belles,les formes, ici, hier!


November 20 – December 20, 2003

Project Description

In the small gallery at Skol, Guillaume LaBrie presents a modular environment where the configuration will be altered on a daily basis. Working without a predetermined plan, the artist will manipulate and reorganise geometric forms that fit together in endless combinations. Doubts are raised regarding the idea of a single narrative due to the infinite possibility that these forms present. One visitor’s description of this installation will never correspond to what another visitor might find at a different time. In his practice in the urban milieu, this young Montreal artist investigates the temporal and spacial conditions of a piece, as well as any event it might create. For this, his first installation in a gallery space, he re-thinks the usually immutable presentation of works of art and offers a polymorphous installation, perhaps echoing the visitor’s movement throughout the space.