Journée paroles et manoeuvres: Between threats and lies, what horizon?

Multidisciplinary event

Saturday June 10th, 2017, at Les Ateliers du Vent, Rennes (France)

It is with great pleasure that Skol sends off three of its members to participate in a collaborative exchange project with Les Ateliers du Vent (ADV), a multidisciplinary art centre situated in Rennes, France.

Skol members Maggy Flynn, Jacqueline van de Geer and Pascal Lebrun will collaborate with Ateliers du Vent members Thomas François, Lise Lerichomme and Claire Aubert (of Kerfad) in a five-day residency where they will develop Journée Paroles et Manœuvres: Between threats and lies, what horizon?

Journée Paroles et Manœuvres

In the spirit of exchange and reflection, Skol invites the public to participate in Journées Paroles et Manœuvres. A cross-disciplinary meeting of interventions, conferences, performances and discussions, this event aims to inverse roles, to encourage collaboration between different types of expertise and to support hybrid forms of communication. Journées Paroles et Manœuvres is an opportunity to take time, together, through various forms and ideas.

Between threats and lies, what horizon?

Conceptualized shortly after the November 13th attacks in Paris, this theme aims to open a space of reflection where we can question the widely shared impression of facing a dead end: while France declares to be at war, where can those of us that don’t feel at home with the “barbarians”, nor with the discourses of “great western democracies” turn? What kind of horizon can we imagine outside of this hellish paradigm?

To establish a common foundation for this shared reflection, and to contextualize it socioeconomically, we are proposing that the participants read the transcription of an exceptional seminar given by Alain Badiou on November 23, 2015, “Our evil comes from further away (thinking about the November 13th killings)”.


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