Julie-Andrée T: Weather Report


April 15 – May 14, 2005
Artist’s Talk on Saturday April 23 at 3pm

Project Description

This exhibition is the last of this programming year, which featured the constructed environment and its impact on humans. The show is the outcome of a partnership between Skol and Centre Est-Nord-Est of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, where the artist did a summer residency in 2004. Based on installation and performance, Julie Andrée T.’s practice is inspired by daily life (objects, habits and rituals) and locates the individual/body at the centre of her research.

The main concept in Weather Report comes from the observation that, in Quebec, the weather is an obsessive topic of conversation. This installation/environment is created by devices that produce variable climates which allow for an interaction between humidity, temperature, sound and at times, sight. These low tech devices are housed in clever spaces which act as enclosed or open booths. Alone or with others, between experience and knowledge, the visitor interacts within the cubicles, and the physical experience of the installation alters ones perception of the surrounding space. Somewhere between daily life, the poetic and the political, Julie Andrée T.’s work immerses one into abstract but familiar zones, provoking reflections on the cultural and existential domains.