Julien Champagne: Pieces for Instruments


November 10th — December 17th, 2022

Opening, November 10th, at 5:30 p.m.


Presented in collaboration with Vidéographe. 

Pieces for instruments is a video installation articulated around the meeting of sound and landscape. In its three videos, the artist strolls through some breathtaking natural landscapes while pulling musical instruments behind him. Dragged along the ground, the instruments emit sounds that, together, create the soundtrack for the piece.

How does the landscape influence our auditory and musical imagination? What instruments, what rhythms, and what melodies is a given landscape likely to suggest? By what means can a forest floor, a mountain, or a beach play the part of a musical score? The gallery becomes a space of contemplation in which these questions intersect.

To listen to BWT piece from the album Data String Oscillation by Julien Champagne