Katherine Lapierre: Folies


September 5 – October 11, 2008
Opening on Friday September 5, 5pm-9pm

Project Description

This installation of “archisculptures” exhibits the results of an investigation into singular architectures. Lapierre draws inspiration from existing constructions of folly, assembling a growing family of delicate and organiclike architectural maquettes. This body of work will be on display in the small gallery space and is accompanied by a text by architect, teacher and researcher Nicolas Reeves:

“[…] Engaging an insightful investigation of the place of rationality in contemporary architecture, Katherine Lapierre’s diminutive constructions are un-reasonable objects, the direct outcome of a precise, sensitive, and profoundly poetic vision of the works of outsider architects. Will this provide new ways of giving architectural objects the flesh and meaning that were stripped away by the rational, the systemic, and the normative? Studied by several architects in recent decades, this question has become all the more decisive in view of the explosive growth of urban development across the planet. Katherine is one of the few architects of her generation to be concerned with the issue. This first exhibition introduces the tools with which she initiates the investigation: a measured, skillful, and perpetually exploratory application of a rich and lively reflection, informed by first hand investigations of the terrain. Here she sets the milestones for an extended process that it will be