Le Citoyen “Volontaire”


February 1st 2003, 1pm

Project Description

The colloquium is an opportunity to consider the theme of ‘The Citizen’, in particular, the citizen as individual who contributes to the emergence of an artistic action/art work by virtue of coming into contact with, engaging and responding to the work. Numerous artists have been proposing varied  creative ‘situations’ –whether it be within the context of the art space or without (i.e. in the context of daily life). The individual’s involvement in these artistic situations can resemble that of the individual’s participation in public life; as floating author, as potential material, or the creative expression of self.

Together, we will examine the participation in the working process of the individual as ‘citizen’, as well as the conditions and consequences of this relationship between artist and citizen. Confirmed speakers include Louis Jacob, Alain-Martin Richard and Jean-Philippe Uzel, with project initiators Doyon/Demers moderating the discussion.