Martine Viale: The Imprint Series


The Imprint Series
House – duration performance at Skol, August 25 – August 27, 2011
and House II – performance at Bain St-Michel

Project Description

Martine Viale will present The Imprint Series, a performance presented in two times: House, a three day durational work in the gallery space at Skol in August, and House II, a performance that will be presented at Bain St-Michel during the festival Viva! art action (October 4-9). Viale’s House performance will gradually accumulate meaning as she builds up successive actions, marks, traces and transfers, to gradually transform the gallery space into a sketch book. Using simple drawing materials, Viale incorporates her own body, movement, and time to present a patient, poetic work. Her persistent approach suggests multiple stages of working, rather than a completed action or product, while the materials and methods remain minimal, ephemeral and poetic. In House II, Viale intends to pursue unresolved threads from the first performance held at Skol. Beyond the physical transfer from one space/time to another, the artist will explore a new dimension of the transformation by “displacing herself”.