Mathieu Lefevre: To Triumphantly Defeat the Purpose


November 20 – December 19, 2009
Opening on Friday November 20, 5pm-9pm
Performance by Adriana Disman on Saturday November 21, 3pm-5pm
Artist’s Talk on Wednesday December 9 at 5:30pm

Project Description

At once clear-headed and whimsical in his approach, Lefevre questions the modes of production and dissemination in the arts with an expanding collection of 2D and 3D objects assembled for the first time in one location in Montréal. This body of work presents a preposterous yet critical re-articulation of a self-referential art world. At this stage, the artist’s interest has shifted towards the cultural and historical baggage of classical mediums (i.e. painting and sculpture) as well as their established lexicons. This exhibition is presented in a text by Fabien Loszach.

“…the comical nature of Lefevre’s works isn’t an end in itself, but functions as instrument of enquiry. These works imply an ongoing investigation into the social notion of art and testify to eminently heuristic and sociological preoccupations. Irony, tomfoolery, and satire, Lefevre tells us, are privileged means for testing the fragility of systemic constructs, particularly that of art..”



1. Instructables: How to make art

2. Sad Trombone