Nicolas Juillard: Oil Over the World


February 19 – March 20, 2004

Project Description

In his installation work, Nicolas Juillard looks at our relation to the political, specifically in terms of mass communication and strategies of resistance. Some of his work incorporates sound and movement, which can be activated by external elements. His intention is to take the illusory quality of art and confront it with the physical environment in which it is presented, seeking to go beyond a merely aesthetic presentation. In the device he has installed in the Skol’s small gallery, the luminous and kinetic elements interact with the radio interference. The image placed at the entrance of the room, a smiling child piloting a fighter plane, immediately sets the tone. The piece deals with our need for power and our self-destructive impulses in a world of entertainment whose shimmering and mesmeric effects distract us from the planet’s dangerous course.