Nuit Blanche à Montréal: C’est le karaoké qui a tué le country

Performance and Interactive Installation

march 1st 2014, 22 h

Project Description

Interdisciplinary artists Antonia Hernández, Florence S. Larose, and Myriam Jacob-Allard will occupy the gallery space at Skol for one night only, with the performative and experimental installation C’est le karaoké qui a tué le country [It’s Karaoke That Killed Country]. They will be screening homemade projections within a Quebec-western inspired decor. Like the notorious TV show Pour l’amour du country, the public will be invited to perform songs from forgotten repertoires.

In the small gallery, the artist presents the videos Soldat Lebrun : devenir le héros (3 min 50 secs ), and  Soldat Lebrun : être le héros (6 min 30 secs), in which she incarnates popular masculine figures of country-western Québécois culture of 1940-1970.