Nuit blanche at Skol: performance by Noémi McComber

Installation, performance

As part of Nuit blanche, Skol presents an exhibition and performance by Noémi McComber. Our gallery and bar will be open until 2am to host a festive crowd!

Saturday, March 4th, 2017
6pm — 2am

9pm — 11pm mediation: The artist will be present to discuss the project and answer questions.

11pm performance: A performative action in connection with the exhibition will take place throughout the Belgo Building.

Reconfigurations: Variations On a Flag includes a gallery exhibition and a performative action during Nuit blanche. Reconfigurations is part of an ongoing and multidimensional project initiated in 2011.

The exhibition presents a series of flags that deconstruct the official symbolism of the Québec flag, whose components refer to European monarchy and the Catholic Church.

Through the use of non-consensual symbols, McComber opens up new possibilities of interpretation and reimagines the significance of what makes up the Fleurdelisé. She proposes several iterations of the flag, drawing from local pop culture, currents events, indigenous fauna and flora, contemporary history and Québec folklore. This series of flags has been previously presented in processions (Québec City in 2015 and Montréal in 2016), and now takes the form of an action specifically designed for the Belgo Building, performed by McComber and several collaborators.

The chosen symbols will be itemized and highlighted in regards to what they contribute to the mythology of Québec, as a political, social and cultural space – a space that while unifying and federating also allows for dissonance. This performance will include a group action where the flags will be paraded through the public spaces of the Belgo Building.

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Photo: Guy L’Heureux, Catherine Goyette, Kimura Byol-Nathalie Lemoine