Olivier Morvan: Escapologic Project


May 15 – June 13, 2009
Opening on Friday May 15, 5pm-9pm
Concert by Philippe Lambert (Goa, Monstre) and Jon Asencio (Goa, Ark of Infinity) project MEGAFORCE, at 7pm
Artist’s Talk on Saturday May 30 at 3pm

Project Description

Escapologic Project by French artist Olivier Morvan, is endless and borderless: simultaneously both thread & labyrinth, crime & investigation, shovel & hole. Blending into the same chorus the single voice of fugitive and pursuer, delinquant and figure of authority, patient and asylum, Morvan explores power relations and intruments of control, just as he might explore leaks and holes in the walls. This open-ended workshop slowly exhumes the skeleton of a pulp fiction narrative or tale. The exhibition is presented in a text by Annie Hudon Laroche.


1. Escapologic Project