Gui B.B : I Hate The Song Of My Own Voice

As a part of the group exhibition Mode d’emploi pour habitation invisible (User’s Manual for an Invisible Home)

November 29th 2023 at 7 : 00 pm

Projet Description

What happens when the psyche externalizes itself, reverberating on the surface of the walls? I Hate The Song Of My Own Voice is a performative exploration of the haunted house, in which four scenes from the horror film Ghost Story are interwoven. In these micro reenactments, the artist strives to embody both the medium, the possessed, and the malevolent presence. The haunted house serves as a place for her to negotiate the fear of madness, to re-inhabit the darkness, to reassemble troubling stories, and to take a risk of listening to ghosts.

Caught in a sort of never-ending loop, Gui B.B attempts, in this performance, to free herself from what paralyzes her, invoking the weakness of her muscles and the irreversibility of her path along the way.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Lorange, Gui B.B’s performance, I Have Such a Horrible Voice, Agora of  CVM, 2023