RENDRE RÉEL (MAKE REAL): Performance evening


Friday May 13th, 2022 — 6:30 p.m.  

Project description 

Skol underlines the spring deconfinement by making room for the presence of bodies, the plasticity of gestures and for encounters. Having been scattered on our screens and haphazardly in confined spaces, performance returns to the gallery for an evening bringing together the work of five multidisciplinary artists.


Alfonso Arzapalo (Mtl)

Mai Bach-Ngoc Nguyen (Qc)

Romain Gandolphe (Lyon)

Tatiana Koroleva (Mtl)

Mariane Stratis (Rdl)



Image: Wandering Women, performance, Tatiana Koroleva, 2016.
Photo Credit: John Looye