SKOOL 2012 : [P(re)]occupations – The Living archives of Occupy Montreal

Summer Research Residency

June 4 – August 10, 2012

Project Description

[P(re)]Occupations’ aim is to conceive and create a participatory installation enabling participants to engage at the crossroads of art, activism, and media arising in the wake of the Occupy Montreal movement. In the form both of multidisciplinary installation and digital environment, the archives will inspire relational creativity and stimulate participants’ ability to connect and to create extended, self-organizing community networks.


1. The works of Suzanne Lacy are based on research in relational aesthetics and community participation in developing, creating, and presenting works of art and the accompanying dialogue.

2. The politics of narrative and representation in the documentary Black Power Mixtape highlights the importance of participatory documentation practices in enabling protest action.

3. Out the Window is a powerful theatrical play by dramatist Liza Balkan, and The Brain is an attempt to create an online visualization of the vast reserves of information on the Web that fully exists only in the author’s mind, and to give audiences access to the open-source code where they can interact with the content of the representation before and after the representation.