Livraison #9: As if All Were Well

Livraison No. 9
Montreal & Strasbourg, 2008
Bilingual journal French / English
1 000 copies
16 × 23,5 cm
Cover 4 pages
300 g/m2 – Offset – CMYK 2-sided
Inside 208 pages
80 g/m2 – Offset – CMYK 2-sided
ISSN 1631-218X
ISBN (rhinocéros – Strasbourg) 978-2-913803-35-0
ISBN (Centre des arts actuels Skol – Montréal) 978-2-922009-14-9

Livraison is a biannual contemporary arts journal published by Rhinocéros (Strasbourg). Focusing on a single topic, each bilingual issue (French and English) is at one and the same time a journal, a book, an exhibition and its catalogue. The journal seeks interventions within the printed space, by inviting critical propositions that resist classification from an international set of artist and writers.

Publication director: Nicolas Simonin
Co-coordinators of the issue: Anne Bertrand + Hervé Roelants + Stephen Wright
Revision and translation: Marcia Couelle, Denis Lessard, Rachel Martinez, Donald Pistolesi, Marcia Rodriguez, Hervé Roelants, Ron Ross, Stephen Wright.

With the contribution of:

Françoise BELU / Anne BERTRAND / Bob le Bricoleur / Mélanie BOUCHER / Esther BOURDAGES / Sylvie COTTON / DEJODE & LACOMBE / Jeremy DRUMMOND / Mazen KERBAJ / Louise LACHAPELLE / Lucie LANZINI / Patrice LOUBIER / Ken LUM / Devora NEUMARK, Lisa NDEJURU, Pauline NGIRUMPATSE & Susannah WESLEY / Warren NILSSON, édité par Ed JANZEN / André-Louis PARÉ & COOKE-SASSEVILLE / Philippe PARET / Hoang PHAM / Hervé ROELANTS / Martha ROSLER / Bernard SCHÜTZE / Nicolas SIMONIN / UNREGISTERED / VIA / Stephen WRIGHT / Pierre YERRO / The YES MEN

This issue is a special collaboration between Rhinoceros and Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montreal).

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