March 6 – April 10, 2021

Project description

Dorm Phenomenon is the pretty name for describing the timing of periods in women. This phenomenon represents, not without humor, the perfect analogy of what should be, for Isabelle Guimond and Carolyne Scenna, an ideal artistic collaboration that influences mood and working methods.

While Guimond defines himself first and foremost as a painter and Scenna works mainly in installation, they both made the choice, by committing to this project, to abandon their comfort zone in order to push their limits. This project represents for the two Montreal artists a first official collaboration.

The process leading to this reformulation of their practice echoes their reflections on the notion of originality, and together they revisit certain themes that are common to them. Especially the world of adolescence, this key moment of existence when, between constraints and high expectations, everyone builds their social identity. While the artists approach it as a junction of all possibilities, Dormitory Phenomenon becomes a performative space dedicated to this process unfolding in an installative form through drawing, painting, sculpture, video and sound.

The public is invited to follow the development of the project through occasional visits to Skol as well as via an Instagram account. The gap between the image and the real is thus highlighted, in line with the approach of the two artists for whom the image is always subject to reworking, giving rise to a multitude of meanings, sometimes poetic and often contradictory.

The artists would like to thank the Skol Center, Canada Council for the Arts, the Rozynski Art Center, the Sagamie Center, the B-312 Gallery as well as Sarah-Jeanne Riberdy, Vincent Lafrance and more particularly Joël Vaudreuil for their invaluable help.