Anne Florentiny: En carne propia

Ceramics – Drawing

May 5th — June 11th, 2022

In her work, she questions sensuality, sexuality, eroticism, and how these relate to spirituality and the sacred. Through the practice of performance, photography and video, she sets up rituals and tries to reclaim the territory of the sacred in the imaginary space of the body. How to use your body as a tool of resistance to oppressive structures? This is the quest she pursues by integrating, in particular, self-care and healing devices into her practice, all in a decolonial approach.

This exhibition brings together drawings and ceramics around the theme of female monstrosity in an attempt to reveal beauty in the strange. If a disturbing strangeness emerges from the whole, sweetness and poetry are also present.

Anne Florentiny is a Martinican artist with a degree in visual arts and dance.