Wartin Pantois: Avant l’incendie


February 28  – April 6  2019.

Project Description

Avant l’incendie (before the fire) is an installation formed of black and white digital prints, wall paintings, objects, gold foil and an audio device.

Characters, carrying their own individual valorization framework, are blind to the world and to potential changes. In front of them are inaccessible objects that can serve as alternatives or accelerators to the announced fire. Nearby, as a window into a world, images diverted from the film La société du spectacle by Guy Debord. Time passes. The fire burns us from the inside…


Wartin Pantois is a committed citizen and a visual artist with an atypical career. He has performed off-wall artistic interventions and indoor installations in France, Germany, Portugal and Canada.

His work highlights various marginalized or obscured contemporary realities. His in situ installations are based on social concerns, observations and citizen discussions. He creates works on a human scale that question social relations and our relationship to the world. His installations take the form of everyday objects, characters and perspectives that provoke reflection and debate.

Wartin Pantois lives and creates in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec City. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in sociology. He works anonymously.