April 24th — May 29th, 2021

Project description 

It is the unmissable late afternoon rush hour taking place a stone’s throw from the artist’s home, a location at the crossroads of major city streets, that is at the origin of this practice, inspired by the din of this rolling furniture. It is the interminable passage, of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists leaving the city center, which was the vector for the production of all these graphic works.

The digital drawings resulting from this phenomenon illustrate the idea of ​​technological convergence (represented with the help of diagrams, icons, etc.) which refers to the joint, simultaneous or parallel use of different technologies.

The proximity and use of these various obsolete and cutting-edge technologies related to mobility illustrate the idea that technological convergence reflects, beyond its usefulness and simultaneous uses, a principle of organization and efficiency.


A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal, Chantal Bélanger is a visual artist based in Montréal who, throughout her sculptural and graphic practice, develops works that can be freely associated with the rural, urban, marine and also stellar landscape. The artist creates language devices that take shape through different associations made between materials, objects, icons and names.