Nicole Panneton: Animal, Visceral, Not Trivial


November 10th — December 17th, 2022

Animal, Visceral, Not Trivial is an exhibition revealing the vulnerability of the artist as a human being living in a world filled with love and beauty but also full of contradictions and aberrations. It is in this world of confrontation that Nicole Panneton is led to reflection and transformation. Therefore, in the context of this exhibition, the video L’animale dans l’animale is based on the bubbling of the unconscious.

The video L’animale dans l’animale reveals a fluid and red microcosm of abstraction that we gently explore but which has its grey areas. This exhibition is a space where various dualities coexist such as harmony and dissonance, order and chaos, the accessible and the inaccessible, the fluid and the solid, the red and the black, the transparency and the opacity, not forgetting the share of what can be revealed and what must remain secret.

Animal, Visceral, Not Trivial is one of the aspects of La soupe humaine, a long-term project that gradually gains momentum and that could be described as tentacular. It is a project of random back and forth inside the artist and outside towards the other to affirm her singularity and understand the world in which Nicole Panneton gravitates.